About the Property

184 Pleasant Valley LLC is a Boston-based, privately held, and owner-managed real estate development, management, and leasing firm.  It’s owners specialize in the positioning of recreational, manufacturing, and office properties. 

Our goal is to create and maintain an office property that meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers, tenants and investors.

Competitive Prices

Our office space prices are very competitive for the Boston area. Give us a call to learn more about our pricing.

Multiple Unit Sizes Available

Different businesses require different office sizes. We have 17 different units and can accommodate many different company sizes.


Responsive Management

You don’t have to worry about management not responding. When you reach out with an issue or a question, we get back to you! 

Pictures of the Property

See a few pictures of our beautiful office building complex. Make sure to schedule a tour so you can see the building in person.